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Appendix VI.

two wedge-like projections B. The pull of the chain causes these
to lie firmly in the tooth space, as at c, when new. After wear,
the chain rides up the teeth in the manner shewn at b until it
finds its bearing, but it will be noticed that the meeting surface of
link and tooth has a constant angle to the line of pull. The lower
view indicates the appearance after the chain has stretched or

Refold PxJbch, -chain,.


worn *6 in. per foot, before which it would have been adjusted.
On account of its perfect action the chain has been used in the
Wolseley motor-car with great satisfaction for the very rapid drive
direct from the engine, its speed reaching 800 to 1200 ft. per min.
The construction of the chain requires one of the wheels to be
shrouded both sides so as to hold it in place, and for this purpose
the smaller wheel is chosen as a matter of cheapness.

P. 550.   The Dynamo.

Elementary Printipks-.A 'conductor' is any material that
will conduct electricity. Applying the term to dynamo work, it
may be viewed as a rod or wire of copper arranged to cut or pass
across the lines of force of a magnetic field.